Regional Final Debate Competition

On Thursday 19th April, 6 students attended the regional final of the ‘Up For Debate’ competition. This competition is one that we have been preparing for since Christmas in Monday afternoon ‘Debating club’. We competed in 3 debates; 2 of which we prepared beforehand on taxing junk food and returning cultural treasures their country of origin. The third debate was an impromptu debate and we only had 20 minutes to prepare. It was on assisted suicide which luckily Year 9 had been learning about recently in RS! We won all 3 of our debates and came 3rd overall of over 30 schools, narrowly missing out on the grand finale between the top two teams. Asiya Majid in 9M was also named one of the ten top scoring debaters of the day! We all had a great time and gained lots of confidence in speaking in front of other people and standing up for our own opinions.