Year 7 Kew Gardens Adventure

The Science Department took year 7 to Kew Gardens for their Spring Enrichment Day. It was freezing, as the second Beast from the East had made an appearance, otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day.

The girls enjoyed exploring the grounds and greenhouses. The highlight was the Princess of Wales Conservatory which had wonderful, colourful displays of orchids. The centerpiece of the conservatory is a big pond with massive dogfish swimming in it, we talked about food chains as there were lots of smaller fish which were the fish food.

Even though it was cold we climbed the treetop walkway and saw the views of London through the tops of the trees. It was amazing to be so high up, the girls really enjoyed the sense of freedom.

Our day out in Kew was fun, all ended well even for the student who dropped her I- Phone down a ventilation shaft! We are looking forward to the next trip.