Success! Fulham Cross Girls' School Results

Percentage of Grades 2014 - 2015

This year at Fulham Cross Girls’ School, 88% of students achieved five or more A* to C grade GCSEs – 73% with English and Maths – a 10% rise on last year’s results.  This exceeds the average GCSE grades nationally and we are delighted.

Further highlights in individual subjects include 92% A* - C in English Literature, 96% in Art and Design and 93% in Religious Studies, 100% in Psychology and Physical Education.  34% of all grades awarded were either an A or an A* and 28 girls received 10 or more A or A* grades.

Individual Subject Grades

Peter Haylock, Executive Principal, Fulham College Academy Trust has said: “The girls and staff should be really proud of what they have achieved; these are a fantastic set of results. I would like to thank Bernie Peploe for the fantastic legacy that she has left at the school.”

Many individual students have shone out in their success, achieving excellence in every subject. To name but a few, at Fulham Cross Girls’ School with a raft of A*s and As, Fabiola Hauwel, Iman Abdirahmen, Aya Mazguti, Rayen Zinet, Zahra Khalaf and Lanya Sabah.

The girls were all very pleased with their results and there was a buzz all around the building this morning as the students arrived nervous and anticipatory.  Zahra Khalaf commented, “I feel like I’m still dreaming; this seems untrue.  I feel like all my hard work paid off.”


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