Drama Student's Visit To The Vaults Theatre

Drama students in Year 10 and 11 went for their first theatre trip of the year to see ‘One Minute’ at The Vaults in Waterloo.  The Vaults is an unusual theatre space under Waterloo station and used to be a storage area for out-of-action trains.  It is now used as an Arts centre and the rumble of the trains overhead adds to the drama and atmosphere of plays put on there.

‘One Minute’ is about a missing girl and the story is told by focussing on the investigating officers and the girl’s mother.  The students enjoyed the play very much, particularly the lighting which used many special effects and really contributed to the themes of loneliness and loss.  They also commented on the use of physical theatre, particularly during the transitions and there have been endless discussions about what the symbolism was behind a ‘spider’s web’ made of ‘lighting rope’.  Could it represent the lines drawn on investigation room walls as the connections are made?  Or is it about the characters becoming trapped as the investigation progresses and the outcome is not what they hoped?  We will never know for definite but we are delighted that the girls are discussing it so vehemently!

Photos taken by Colin Smith 2015