First Story - Poetic Inspiration

Where better to go for poetic inspiration than the Grant Zoology museum at University College London?

The members of Fulham Cross Girls’ School First Story poetry group sized up a ginormous elephant skull, a terrifying Python skeleton and came eye-to-bulbous-eye with a porcupine fish to help them create some amazingly profound poetry with the expertise of performance poet Michelle Madsen. It was a proud moment when four of our group were chosen to read their creations, which were commended by the university's Head of English professor Mark Ford, who said he hoped our students would consider applying for places at UCL. 

Our aspiring poets also loved hanging out with English undergraduate Emma, who gave them a tour of the historic campus and the low down on university life and workloads. The girls were all sad to leave the North London campus but many confessed they are determined to continue their studies there. Watch this space!