Bank of England comes to FCGS


In October, Linda O’Toole from the Bank of England visited the school to talk to the girls about what the bank does and what career opportunities are available.

Linda talked about her impressive career and how she came to work as a Senior Legal Counsel at the Bank of England.

The girls were quizzed on various trivia to do with the bank, such as “Who is the current Governor?” and “Who was the first monarch to appear on the Bank of England note?”.

Linda explained to the girls what the Bank of England actually does – from printing banknotes, to storing gold, to maintaining the value of the pound.

The girls were amazed at the different career opportunities that are available to them and it was clear that the inspirational talk by Linda had ignited a passion for finance in many of the girls.

It was such a pleasure to have Linda visit the school, her impressive resume, alongside her passion for the Bank of England was an honour to witness.