Year 7 - Empower Day - Place Of Worship

Year 7 students had a brilliant innovation. They all made their first visit to the Fulham Enterprise studio to try their hand at construction and business. They also spent some time preparing themselves through independent research for the trips in the afternoon. Each Year 7 visited a different place of worship- Wimbledon Temple, Shepherd’s Bush Gurdwara, Westminster Synagogue, Parson’s Green Mosque and Twynholm Baptist Church. The students were brilliantly behaved and were able to use their research to ask informed and enthusiastic questions. Nick from Westminster Synagogue told the girls that although they were one of the younger groups he had hosted, they were “the most well-informed with the most insightful questions.” Needless to say, Ms Michaels and Ms Hosp were very proud of our girls, their inquisitiveness and their respectfulness.