Year 7 EMPOWER Day - KidZania

On the 31st of January Year 7 had their Empower day at KidZania in Westfield. Just after 9am we were escorted by our teachers to this magical world of reality where we would experience an adventure where we could independently choose from over 60 real-life entertaining activities. 

When we reached our destination we had to wait a while as the staff were getting us registered. It wasn't long until all the security stuff was over and done with; the only thing that was holding us back was getting our wrist bands on - they looked like watches that we had to adjust on our wrists; if anyone had accidently got themselves into danger or wanted to leave the premises the watch would go off sounding a bell like ringtone.  And last but definitely not least they handed us 50 “KIDZOS” (kidzanian money) and then let us explore this ‘interactive city’ and try out a variety of jobs.  Some of the jobs I really enjoyed were a chocolate factory worker and a surgeon. Some of the other professions we had a go at were: dentist, actor, firefighter, singer, police officer, journalist, shop assistant, etc.

At 12pm we had our lunch and then after 2 more hours you would think that we would head back to school but the day was not over yet, oh no, we had a chance to spend the money that we had earned in a REAL SHOP, this time actually buying real things that we could treat ourselves.

By Yumna Barhamji, 7U