Year 7 Empower Day Visit to KidZania

Pupils travelled on the 295 to Kidzania, Westfield for a chance to experience a world where they are in charge of their fate. It is safe to say the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves, getting the chance to experience life as an adult, where they had to take on work to earn vital Kidzos so that they could spend their money at a variety of stalls throughout the child size city. Pupils relished in the opportunity to take on a variety of different jobs such as ambulance crew, fire fighters, police, pilots and many more. With others opting to go and study in the Kidzania University, so that when they took on jobs they could double their pay. Pupils even b-lined for making healthy cereal bars, holding up our no junk food policy, and doing labour intensive jobs such as window cleaning and delivering.

After getting their jobs signed off and verified pupils collected their wages and went to spend their kidzos on entertainment such as karaoke, face paints and tattoos.

Such an empowering day for Year 7 to experience the process of earning and buying as well as experience some of the jobs 1st hand.