First Story Trip - University College London

A group of 17 students went to visit the University College London (UCL) as part of their First Story Trip. We arrived at Euston square station and made our way to the Welcome Museum where we had a tour around the museum, we learned about medicines, the body dietary books and healthy eating.  After lunch Fulham Cross was lucky enough to be able to have a tour guide with the head of First Story (Jay) introduced himself and what we were   writer to help us. We were told that we were able to visit two museums and then write poems or stories about the objects and items we had seen in the museum.

I was in Group 2 and so we were able to go to the Library and Egyptian Museum where we saw plenty of ancient Egyptian writings and we were lucky enough to see the oldest piece of clothing in the world. We saw mummy tombs and we even a skeleton in a pot! We then wrote poems about the objects we had seen.

 All of us had finished our poems and were asked to perform our poems and stories in front of three other schools, First Story leaders and Jay! In fact, we were able to perform in a room were Leonardo di Caprio had filmed a scene in his film. - Leiyah Lawrence