Year 8 EMPOWER Day - Science Museum

On Wednesday 31st of January the whole of year 8 went to visit the Science Museum to explore the links between Science, Maths and IT. When we arrived at the museum we first went to the Winton Gallery. Decorated on the ceiling was a bright display of an artist impression of what the forces acting on a plane would look like . Next we went to a science show where Jasmine (8L) blew a beach ball high into the ceiling with a massive leaf blower! We also made a large fire using magician’s flash cotton and the power of maths. Year 8 had the opportunity to visit the WONDERLAB where they had weird experiments to try out and cool inventions to play with. The most popular one was the three slides made out of wood, grass and ceramic. My favourite activity was a long metal pole attached to a hidden speaker. You slid a straw through and put your finger in your ears to cut out any noise. Then you had to bite the pole where your straw was AND YOU COULD HEAR MUSIC!

After exploring we headed to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. Lava putty, badges and thermometer key rings were among the popular items.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational trip. MASSIVE thanks to the Maths Department for organizing this trip!!   -  Maliha Ibrahim, 8L