When your child joins us for Secondary school, we ask that parents complete an electronic Health Questionnaire in relation to your child’s health. This is so that the School Nursing service can continue to support you and your child, working with the school and other agencies with any identified health needs your child may have.

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In following the Healthy Child Programme recommendations from the Department of Health, we aim to offer a series of health interventions including individual health reviews along with health promoting activities. This may include:

  • Health questionnaires for all students in Year 7 including children new to the school who have not previously received and completed a Secondary Health Questionnaire

  • Health reviews for students with an identified health need or where a child has been referred to the School Nursing service

  • Drop-in sessions for students who are seeking advice about or support with a health-related concerns or to discuss confidential issues

  • Educational and health promoting sessions to year groups, teachers and parents as needed

  • Support to students in 6th Form

  • Working with other agencies to safeguard children

All health-related information is kept confidential but in some instances (some medical conditions that require management in school i.e. asthma) this may be shared on a need-to-know basis with some other services including the school, to be able to better support your child in school. The School Nurse will contact you to discuss the need to share other health-related information where relevant.

If you do not agree with health information being shared routinely or would like to contact Carmel Lorca, our School Nurse, then please call the school and leave a message with School Office or email Carmel directly at carmel.lorca@nhs.net.

Please can you kindly complete the electronic health questionnaire; this will assist the School Nursing service with planning service provision and meeting your child’s health needs.