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"Getting ready for work" inspection

Following Lord Young’s report in 2014, ‘Enterprise for all’, Ofsted investigated the availability and effectiveness of enterprise education and work-related learning for pupils in secondary schools. 

The findings from the inspection:

"Fulham Cross Girls' School has a clear strategic plan and proactive approach for the development of enterprise and employability that sit at the heart of the school's ethos of high aspiration for pupils. And as the school states, it aims ‘for pupils to have the attributes, skills and behaviours which are the same as those in an employable person − intelligence, application of knowledge, a thirst for learning, showing initiative and enterprise and excellent interpersonal skills.

Regular evaluation of initiatives and activities, with subsequent adjustments to the provision, has enabled the quality to be both sustained and improved over time."

Behaviour inspection

The findings from the inspection:

"The behaviour of students in lessons and around the academy is of a very high standard. Students are keen to do well, enjoy their lessons, and work diligently and hard. Staff have consistently high expectations of students’ attitudes to learning and the progress they make. 

The academy has a clear code of conduct and established routines to which all staff and students adhere

The systems to protect students at the academy are highly effective. Staff receive regular training around current legislation.

Students are unanimous that bullying is very rare. Attendance was above the national average last year." 

Whole school section 5 inspection
Rated - Outstanding

The findings from the inspection: 

"The school is outstanding because it ensure outstanding achievement for all students and strives constantly to provide the best possible care and education for each individual. 

Through rigorous monitoring of the learning, progress, personal development and well-being of each student, and well-targeted intervention strategies, leaders and managers have raised standards of attainment over the past three years. Students are exceptionally well prepared for the future. The school’s outstanding care, guidance and support, together with an innovative curriculum, ensure the needs of all students are met.

Leadership and management of the school are highly effective. The strong ambitious drive for improvement provided by the headteacher and senior leadership team has raised the morale and aspirations of staff and students. Students’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent. 

They maintain an excellent understanding of their own safety and that of others. High quality training for middle leaders and managers, such as heads of faculty, has enabled them to support the senior leadership team in performance management and improving teaching." 

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