"For a school to be a great school there needs to be a move from standardised provision with uncontrolled variation in quality,
to personalised provision based on consistently high quality, with variations controlled and actively tailored to individual students’ needs and aspirations."

For further information, please contact our SENCO, Ms Perdita Brown, via the School Office.

CfBT report 2012

At Fulham Cross we value personalisation – not just because OFSTED expect it!

"The learning of groups of pupils, particularly those who are disabled, those who have special educational needs,
those for whom the pupil premium provides support, and the most able is consistently good or better.
The standards of attainment of almost all groups of pupils are likely to be at least in line with national averages with many pupils attaining above this.”

At Fulham Cross we have a mixed ability student population, with a varied intake; able, vulnerable, SEN, EAL. Everyone is different and requires different types of support in order to make the best progress possible.  We have a high number of students who do need extra support and we need to ensure that this support is as effective as possible.
We honestly believe that every child, no matter what their starting point, is capable of outstanding progress. Personalisation is for all; not just those who have been identified as having SEN. In order to facilitate this we expect that:

  • Teachers know that pupils’ learning styles and preferences differ and their teaching is personalised to take account of these differences.

  • There are personalised curriculum pathways for different student groups.

  • All students are taught so that they make at least good progress in lessons and subjects, no matter what their starting point or ability. No child must ‘slip through the net’ in any subject.

  • Subject areas closely track student progress data for all groups and design interventions at both key stages for under performing students.

  • Classroom teachers liaise closely with and seek advice from professionals in the Personalisation faculty in order to ensure that students’ needs in lessons are being met.

  • Classroom teachers deploy support staff effectively in the classroom in order to make maximum impact on student progress. Nothing else.

  • Staff work closely with outside agencies and parents/carers to identify and remove barriers to learning.

How does FCGS provide Personalisation for our students?

Support for students is organised under the categories of ‘Universal’ (ALL), ‘Targeted’ (SOME) and ‘Specialist’ (INDIVIDUAL).


As a school our priority is to develop our provision at Wave 1.
This is key to improving the progress of our vulnerable groups (particularly AEN (School Action, School Action + students).


  • Support at all stages is led by the Deputy Head teacher in charge of Personalisation who identifies students requiring Personalisation at the targeted and specialist stages.

  • Support at the targeted and specialist stages is then coordinated and evaluated through Personalisation Panel.

  • The Personalisation Department can also offer specialised support in developing effective strategies to support classroom teachers and departments in implementing universal support.

 Please click here to see our Special Educational Needs Policy.