School Uniform Guide

As you are all aware the student council at Fulham Cross Girls’ School designed our professional looking uniform. The aim of this booklet is to clarify the uniform policy and to ensure all students know exactly what they need to do to meet our high standards.

Therefore we ask all parents to support us in insisting on full school uniform for all our students. When wearing our school uniform every student represents our school and should send out a positive message to our local community.

If a student comes to school not wearing her uniform, and without a parental note explaining the reason, she will receive a note in her planner for that day only and should be in full uniform the next day. If their uniform has not improved by the following day the student will be sent home by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
Students should wear full uniform to and from school, which should be worn in a suitably formal manner in line with the expectations of the school.

School Uniform can be obtained from:
Sogan’s, 6 Greyhound Rd, London
W6 8NX.
Tel: 020 7385 1055

Uniform Requirements

Item Required Notes
BlazerTo be worn at all times unless permission given by a teacherN/A
White BlouseOpen necked (long or short sleeved)Blouses must be tucked into skirts or trousersgirls are allowed to wear a plain white t-shirt or vest underneath their school blouse
CardiganSchool design onlyN/A
Tank TopSchool design onlyN/A
SkirtA black straight skirt,a line or pleated, knee length or ankle length with the school design and logo onNo split skirts, tube skirts or fashion garments. All skirts must be on or below the knee
TrousersPlain black straight trousers, no jeans or jean designs, no additional zips or embroidery, no combat trousers, no three-quarter length trousers.N/A
TightsPlain black or nude. No footless or patterned tightsN/A
Socksplain white or black. Knee or ankle lengthN/A
Shoesplain black, low heeled shoes. No trainers, fashion boots or canvasN/A
Headscarf / HijabPlain black or white onlyN/A

PE Kit Requirements

Item Required Notes
TopPlain pink polo shirt with school logo(Black hoodie with school logo when needed)A plain white or black long sleeve t-shirt maybe warn underneath
Leg wearPlain black track suit bottomoptional plain black shorts in summer
FootwearSports trainersNo pumps or plimsolls

Other Requirements

Item Required Notes
Make-upWe have a no makeup policy. This includes nail varnish and false nails. Any student wearing these items will be asked to remove them immediatelyN/A
Student IDStudents will need to wear their student identification at all timesN/A
BadgesAll students who receive badges must wear these. This should be worn on the lapel of the blazerN/A
JewelleryOnly one ring and/or sleeper earrings.No other piercings are allowed, as they breach health and safety regulationsN/A
School BagAll students must have a suitable school bag, large enough to transport all necessary books and equipment for school. Fashion handbags are not suitable for schoolN/A
Junk foodThe school does not permit students to bring junk food onto the premises. Junk food includes crisps, chocolate, sweets, pastries, fizzy drinks and juices, high sugar foods and all forms of fast food. Students are only permitted to bring still, unflavoured water to schoolN/A