Subject: Mathematics

Level: KS3 Year 7
Subject Leader: Mr C Warriss 
Method of assessment: APP and tests. 

We begin the year with a focus on London and the HEROIC project. This involves discovering London and Fulham through the use of maps and by getting to know Journey Planner, in order that you can find your way around London, from where you live.
Then after half term, through the use of testing and using prior data, we place students into classes that are best suited to their ability level in order that we can adequately challenge and excite them every lesson.     

Section Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
1st Half Heroic project
Mathematics of Fulham and London.

Solving word problems
(addition and subtraction)
Place value (inc.decimals)
Add and subtract (inc. decimals)
-Word problems
-Draw measure and name acute and obtuse angles
-Find unknown angles (straight lines, at a point, vertically opposite)
-Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals
Applications of algebra
-Order of operations
-Simplifying algebraic expressions
-Solve word problems with expressions
-Sequences (term to term and not nth term)
2nd Half Explain and investigate
(multiply and divide)
-Factors, HCF, multiples, LCM
Multiply and divide (inc. decimals)
-Area of a rectangle and triangle
-Calculate the mean
-Equivalent fractions
-Compare and order fractions and decimals
-Change mixed numbers to improper
fractions and vice versa
-Fractions of a quantity
-Multiply and divide fractions
Percentages and pie charts
-Read and interpret pie charts
-Convert between percentages and fractions and decimals
-Percentages of a quantity
-Find the whole given the part and the percentage
Assessment Pre learning and post learning tests each half term. Pre learning and post learning tests each half term. Pre learning and post learning tests each half term.

What 3 things should I be doing to support my daughter at home?

  • Your daughter/ward should complete 3 clips of Mathswatch every week.
  • Complete the accompanying Mathswatch worksheet. 
  • Self-assessing Mathswatch is the most important part. CORRECT THE WORK ONCE THE WORK IS COMPLETED.